Wine Olympiad

trengthen your team's cohesion with a fun activity on a wine estate - All year round (except grape harvest) - From 20 to 100 people



Wine Olympics: a unique team-building activity on a wine estate

Would you like to create a memorable experience for your staff? The Wine Olympics are the ideal way to strengthen the bonds within your team while discovering oenology in a fun way. Whether you're a passionate wine lover or just curious, this activity is accessible to everyone.

Fun and original events for all levels

The Wine Olympics offer you a series of varied and entertaining tests. Whether you're a wine expert or a complete novice, you can take part and have fun. Participants will be divided into teams and will have the opportunity to complete between 4 and 8 different workshops.

Events can include relays, sensory tests, strategy games and even blind tastings. You can put together your own Olympics to suit the location and timing that best suits your team.

An inclusive activity for all participants

The Wine Olympics are designed to be accessible to everyone, even people who don't drink wine. You don't need to be a wine expert to take part and have fun. The main aim of this activity is to encourage team spirit and enjoyment.

By taking part in the Wine Olympics, your employees will have the opportunity to discover the world of wine and vines in a fun and friendly way. They can learn new things, share moments of complicity and strengthen their professional ties.

So, are you ready to take up the challenge of the Wine Olympics on a wine estate? Contact us now to organise this unique activity that will ignite a new passion in your employees.