The magic Porquerolles island

Explore the island of Porquerolles by bike in a unique and captivating photo rally - From March to October - From 20 to 80 people.



Bike photo rally in Porquerolles

Porquerolles, the largest of the Golden Isles, shines with beauty and diversity. Between the dreamy beaches of the north and the steep cliffs of the south, separated by the semaphore, the island offers a landscape of contrasts and captivation. Although the altitude is low, the relief is very real, and you can discover this by cycling around the island.

A curious and observant experience

Taking part in a Porquerolles photo rally by bike is a unique and rewarding experience. Be curious and observant, because around every corner there's an unusual encounter waiting for you. Let yourself be surprised by the details that should catch your eye along the way.

Discover the beaches and take part in artistic or sporting events

The Porquerolles photo rally by bike allows you to discover the island's magnificent beaches, as well as taking part in artistic or sporting events, depending on the season. Whether you're a fan of photography, art or sport, there's something for everyone.

The Porquerolles photo rally by bike is an excellent idea for team building. As a team, you can explore the island, solve riddles and take on challenges together. This activity will strengthen the cohesion of your group and encourage communication and collaboration between the members of your team.

In conclusion, the Porquerolles cycling photo rally is an experience not to be missed. Whether you're a fan of cycling, photography, art or sport, you'll find something to suit you on this magnificent island. So get your bike, your camera and your spirit of adventure ready, and set off to discover Porquerolles!