Immerse yourself in the festive and glamorous atmosphere of the 7th Art.



A glamorous movie night

Organising a film night is an idea that never goes out of fashion. It's a popular theme with many film lovers, and a sure-fire way to spend an unforgettable evening. To create an atmosphere worthy of a red carpet, it's important to create a décor that's both refined and festive. It has to be glamorous.

The perfect décor

To recreate the atmosphere of the cinema, consider using decorative elements that recall the world of the seventh art. For example, you could hang posters of famous films on the walls, put up dummy projectors and gold paper stars. Don't forget to add string lights for an extra touch of elegance.

The photo call, an essential accessory

To make your evening even more memorable, plan an area dedicated to the photo call. You can choose between a classic version or a green background for original photo montages. If you want an even more professional experience, you can even hire a photographer to immortalise these precious moments. Guests will be able to take photos of themselves like real film stars.

Projections and soundtracks are also essential elements in creating a cinematic atmosphere. You can choose to show extracts from cult films or even screen a film in its entirety. Don't forget to install a good sound system so that you can fully enjoy the dialogue and music.

A big cinema blind test

To liven up your evening and put your guests' film knowledge to the test, why not organise a big cinema blind test? Prepare a playlist with extracts of film music and ask your guests to guess which film it is. You can even provide small gifts for the winners. It's a fun and friendly way to share your passion for the seventh art.

In short, an elegant and glamorous movie night is the perfect way to spend an unforgettable moment with friends or family. Don't forget to look after the decor, provide a photo call area and organise a cinema blind test to make the evening even more entertaining. Don't forget to add a touch of glamour to your outfit and you'll be ready to hit the red carpet.