Investigations in Frioul archipelago

The Frioul archipelago: a nature team building experience in Marseille



The Frioul archipelago: a natural escape from Marseille

The Frioul archipelago, just 2 nautical miles from Marseille, offers a peaceful refuge from the hustle and bustle of the city. These wild islands welcome you with their clear waters, sandy beaches and secluded coves.

The islet of If: a place steeped in history

The islet of If, the most famous of the archipelago, is a 3-hectare rock on which stands the fortress castle that is said to have sheltered the Count of Monte Cristo! A visit to this place steeped in history will plunge you into the captivating world of Alexandre Dumas' famous novel.

The Pomègues and Ratonneau islands: a paradise for nature lovers

The islands of Pomègues and Ratonneau, which surround the islet of If, are the perfect setting for a walking rally to discover the archipelago. Let yourself be guided along the picturesque paths and explore the diversity of flora and fauna on these unspoilt islands.

As they make their way around the island with a personalised road book, the teams will have to rise to various challenges and take part in events organised by our entertainers (blind tasting, pétanque or Mölky, gymkhana in a kayak, etc.).

A team-building event in Marseille couldn't be more out of the ordinary and in the heart of nature than on the Frioul archipelago. Whether you want to organise a relaxing day out as a team or strengthen the bonds between colleagues, these islands offer an idyllic setting for group activities.

Take advantage of the tranquillity of the beaches to organise friendly games and competitions, or take a kayak trip around the island. The possibilities are endless on the Frioul archipelago.

In conclusion, if you're looking for a natural and relaxing getaway near Marseille, the Frioul archipelago is the ideal place. Its magnificent landscapes and tranquillity make it the perfect place to relax and discover. So go ahead and organise your next team building event on these wild islands.