Get to know each other and boost your meetings with our ice breaking activities.



Ice Breaking Sessions: Energise your meetings

Our special icebreaking events will help you break the ice at your business or personal meetings. As the name suggests, this game is designed to get you acquainted, encourage discussion and create a friendly, relaxed atmosphere.

However, we've added a touch of originality by integrating challenges into the game. These challenges will make the game more dynamic and ensure that participants have a great time, as well as getting to know each other.

Group games and discussion

The Icebreaker and Crazy Games will alternate between moments of exchange on the participants and collective games where cohesion and exchanges will be necessary to reach a common goal.

The time spent talking about the participants will allow everyone to introduce themselves and share anecdotes and personal experiences. This will encourage the creation of links and allow all the participants to get to know each other better.

The group games will focus on cooperation and communication between participants. By working together to achieve a common goal, they will strengthen their team spirit and their ability to work together effectively.

A moment of fun and conviviality

The Icebreaker and Jeux en Folie is above all a time for fun and conviviality. The challenges added to the game will bring a dose of challenge and friendly competition, making the experience even more exciting.

Whether you're organising a team meeting, a company seminar or an evening out with friends, this game will entertain and create lasting memories. Participants can relax, laugh and have fun while getting to know each other better.

In conclusion, Icebreaker and Jeux en Folie is an original and dynamic icebreaker that will help you break the ice and create a friendly atmosphere at your get-togethers. The challenges added to the game will guarantee a moment of fun and complicity between the participants. So don't hesitate to try it out at your next event - you won't be disappointed!