Become a barman and create your own cocktail



three clear glass cups with juice
three clear glass cups with juice

Creative Cocktail: Create your own personalised cocktail

Cocktails have always been fascinating. A symbol of celebration, they are also the result of genuine creativity on the part of bartenders. In fact, over time, some cocktails have become veritable myths, associated with a particular story or character, such as Hemingway's mojito.

Let your imagination run wild

For an aperitif or an entire evening, why not try your hand at creating your own cocktail? You can come up with an original, tasty composition, give it an evocative name, and even give it a legendary story to tell.

Start by choosing your alcoholic base. Whether it's rum, vodka, gin or something else, select the one that inspires you most. Next, add the ingredients that will complete your creation. Fresh fruit, juices, syrups, herbs - anything goes! Let your imagination run wild and don't hesitate to try out different combinations to find the perfect blend.

An evocative name and a legendary story

Once you've created your cocktail, it's time to give it an evocative name. Let your creativity flow and find a title that reflects the essence of your creation. You can take inspiration from the history or ingredients of your cocktail to find the ideal name.

Finally, don't forget to give your cocktail a legendary story. Tell how you came up with the idea for it, the circumstances in which it was created, or the people who helped make it happen. This story will add an extra dimension to your cocktail and make it even more unique.

Once you've created your personalised cocktail, share it with your friends at your next party. Let them discover your original creation and let them be the judges of your talent as a mixologist. Who knows, maybe your cocktail will become a legend in the world of cocktails.

So, are you ready to embark on the adventure of creating your own cocktail? Let your creativity do the talking and turn your drink into a legendary masterpiece of taste.