For your corporate event, treat yourself to the exceptional landscapes of the Var, between sky and sea.



Discover the exceptional landscapes of the Var

The Var, with its 300 km of coastline, boasts some of the most beautiful Mediterranean scenery in France. Its shores and islands are a veritable paradise for lovers of nature and the sea. If you're looking for an unforgettable experience, we offer you the chance to stay in an extraordinary place, between sky and sea, with your feet in the water.

Fun and sporting activities

During your seminar in Provence, you'll have the chance to take part in a host of fun and sporting activities. The land and sea Olympics will give you the chance to challenge yourselves in fun and friendly events. You can also take on multi-nautical challenges by practising sports such as sailing, paddling or kayaking. For thrill-seekers, a zodiac rally is also on the programme. And for the more adventurous, there's the chance to enjoy the thrill of driving a racing car around a famous circuit at Le Castellet.

Festive evenings by the Mediterranean

After a busy day, you can enjoy festive evenings by the Mediterranean. Whether it's an open-air dinner on the beach, a dance party in a luxury villa or a tasting of local wines in a vineyard, you'll be transported by the warm and friendly atmosphere of the region. The blue Mediterranean will be the ideal backdrop for your memorable evenings.

In conclusion, a seminar in Provence, in the Var, is the perfect opportunity to discover the region's exceptional landscapes, take part in fun and sporting activities and enjoy festive evenings by the Mediterranean. Between sky and sea, with your feet in the water, you'll experience unique and unforgettable moments.