Avignon through a photographer's eye

"Zoom on Avignon: Discover a city full of mysteries and enigmas! - All year round - from 15 to 200 pers.



blue flower field under blue sky
blue flower field under blue sky

Zoom in on Avignon, a city full of mysteries and enigmas!

Under the watchful eye of your camera, you'll discover a city with a rich heritage. Today, Avignon holds many secrets that we invite you to discover in a fun way.

A photo report full of enigmas

During a photo reportage, by following the eccentric directions in your road book, you'll gather information to illustrate the portrait of one of Avignon's most famous citizens: Saint Bénézet.

Humour and creativity are the order of the day for this team building activity in Avignon! You'll be immersed in a real treasure hunt through the picturesque streets of the city. Your mission will be to solve the riddles and find the places to take the photos requested.

Imagine trying to find the best angle to capture the beauty of the Palais des Papes, while deciphering the clues that will lead you to the next stage of your adventure. You'll also be exploring the charming streets of Avignon, looking for unusual details and iconic locations.

Discovering Saint Bénézet

Along the way, you'll learn more about the life of Saint Bénézet, the famous builder of the Pont d'Avignon. You'll discover the legends surrounding its construction and the challenges he faced in achieving this architectural feat.

Using your photos and the information you've gathered, you can then create a real portrait of Saint Bénézet, using your creativity and sense of humour. You'll be able to stage the photos in an original way and tell a captivating story.

This team building event in Avignon is a unique way to discover the city while strengthening the bonds within your team. You'll have to work together, share ideas and solve puzzles to achieve your common goal.

So, are you ready to take up the challenge and unravel the mysteries of Avignon? Put on your detective hat and camera, and set off on an adventure in a city full of surprises!