Avignon Express

The Urban Adventure - A Team Time Trial - All year round from 20 to 150 people.



Stimulation and Team Cohesion

Before embarking on this urban adventure, it's crucial to prepare your teams well. Each team member should be equipped with a rucksack containing the essentials for the race. These essentials include a bottle of water, an energy-boosting snack, a compass and a first-aid kit. Material preparation is a fundamental stage that should not be neglected.

Team cohesion and strategic thinking will be your main assets. To ensure perfect harmony, it's imperative to establish a clear strategy before the race begins. This includes allocating roles according to each member's skills and strengths. For example, a member with a good sense of direction could be designated as the scout, while another with excellent problem-solving skills could take on tasks requiring quick thinking.

Communication between members is another essential pillar of preparation. Ensuring that each team member understands their mission and stays in constant contact is vital. Using effective means of communication, such as walkie-talkies or instant messaging applications, can make this task much easier. The success of the mission will depend on your ability to work together harmoniously and effectively.

It's important to remember that this race is not just about speed, but also about collaboration and mutual support. Team spirit and solidarity will play a crucial role in your ability to overcome the challenges you face. A well-prepared, close-knit team has a much better chance of succeeding in this exciting urban adventure.

Time optimisation and creativity

Optimising time and travel is a key factor in this urban adventure. Meticulous route planning will maximise efficiency and minimise downtime. Knowing the quickest routes and the means of transport available is essential for navigating the city efficiently. Using real-time navigation applications can greatly help you to adapt your routes according to real-time traffic conditions.

However, speed will not be the only criterion for your collective success. Creativity and originality in carrying out the missions will play a crucial role. For each challenge, you'll need to use your ingenuity to come up with unique and innovative solutions. This could include unconventional approaches or clever use of the urban resources at your disposal. For example, a mission might require you to take a photo in a specific location; a creative and well-thought-out photo could earn you extra points.

Each creatively successful mission will earn you extra points, increasing your team's chances of standing out from the crowd. It's important to note that the number of challenges completed, as well as the quality of the solutions proposed, will determine your team's final score. So a balanced approach between speed and creativity will be needed to excel in this urban adventure.

In the final analysis, time optimisation and creativity are not isolated but complementary elements. By combining effective planning with inventive mission execution, your team will be able to finish not only quickly, but also stunningly. It's this synergy that will make the difference and ensure a rewarding and memorable experience for all involved.