Arles: "Little Rome of the Gauls

Discover Arles as a team building activity with this humorous photo rally in the historic city centre - All year round - From 20 to 200 people.



Humorous walking photo rally in Arles

Zoom in on a city of a thousand and one enigmas! Under the watchful eye of your lens, you'll discover a city with a rich heritage. Arles, queen of the Camargue, once nicknamed the "Little Rome of the Gauls", and later a major centre of medieval Christianity, has known some glorious times. Today, it holds many secrets that we invite you to discover in a fun way.

A report on the history of Arles

During a humorous photo rally, you'll have the chance to gather information that will illustrate the portraits of illustrious figures who have left their mark on the town's history. These include Julius Caesar and Vincent Van Gogh. As you wander through the picturesque streets and lively squares, you'll plunge into the heart of authentic Arles.

Team building in the heart of the Camargue

This humorous photo rally is also an excellent way of strengthening team cohesion. By working together to solve the riddles and find the key locations, you'll create strong bonds with your colleagues. The Camargue, with its wild nature and unique landscapes, offers an ideal setting for this type of activity.

Arles, with its exceptional architectural heritage, Roman arenas and amphitheatre, is a city that's sure to surprise you. During your photo rally, you'll discover historical anecdotes and emblematic places. You can also enjoy the local gastronomy by taking a break in one of the city's many restaurants.

Whether you're a photography enthusiast, a history buff or simply curious to discover a new facet of the Camargue, this humorous photo rally in Arles is for you. So don't wait any longer, and get ready for an adventure full of surprises and laughter!